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Gas water heater «Lemax» series «Alpha» is aimed at instant water heating, features an original design of the panel and compact size.  It is released with white color. The water heater implements automatic water – driven burner activation without constantly working flame igniter.

  • Energy saving: a perfected gas block is implemented.
  • Low water pressure: the heater works even under the water pressure below 0,25 atm. in the pipe.
  • Protection against overpressure prevents from the water heater being damaged.
  • Ionic control over the flame switches off automatically gas supply in case if the burner extinguishes, thus preventing gas leakage.
  • Dry burning prevention: if the heater is switched on without the water flow, the heater will automatically switch off the gas supply.
  • Freezing is prevented due to the drain valve.
  • Unique design.
  • 1 years warranty.




Parameter titleParameter value
Rated heat output, kWh 20
Natural gas rated pressure, mm/water gauge 130
Natural gas rated expenditure3 , m/h 2,76
Efficiency coefficient, no less than, % 87
Water flow pressure for normal heater operation, atm. 0,2-6
Minimal water flow (for ignition), l/min 2,5
Water expenditure when heated with 1=25 С, litre/min 10
Automatic ignition of the heater +
Dimensions (height./width/depth) no more than, mm 600/345/220
Mass, no more than, kg 10,4