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Gas water heaters «Lemax» series «Alpha» models «Turbo-24» and «Balans-24» intended for the instantaneous water heating, have front panel distinctive design and compact sizes. They are produced in white facing. Models with the closed combustion chamber, electrical ignition and layered control system provide a maximum safety and comfort level.

  • The system of an air and smoke removal supply allow setting the device in independence of an air duct or a flue location.
  • The modern ergonomic design with the intelligent control T-display, by means of which it is possible to support and track water heating temperature.
  • The microprocessor control system provides a constant water temperature on an output without temperature rises and oscillations.
  • Operates both from the mains and standby supply.
  • Defense against water suprpressure excludes water heater damage.
  • The ionic flame monitoring automatically disconnects gas feeding in a case of burner flame attenuation that excludes gas leak.
  • Defense against dry burning: at switching on the device without water flow the device automatically will disconnect gas feeding.
  • Defense against freezing is provided by means of the drain tap.
  • Provides 2-3 point of water intake.
  • Compact sizes.
  • 1 years warranty.




Characteristic namesMeaning
Combustion chamber's type closed closed
Air intake  inside outside
Rated thermal power, kW 24 24
Conventional gas nominal pressure, pascal 1274 1274
Conventional gas rated consumption, m3/hr 2,78 2,78
Coefficient of performance, % min 84 84
Water supplied pressure for the normal apparatus operation, atm 0,2-6 0,2-6
Minimal water flow (for spitting) l/min 2,5 2,5
Flow quantity under heating on ?t=25°С l/min 12 12
Products of combustion temperature, °С, min 110 110
Electrical ignition of device, yes yes
Flame modulation yes yes
Diameter of gas stub pipe, DM 1/2" 1/2"
Diameter of water stub pipe, DM 1/2" 1/2"
Diameter of flue, mm 60 60/100
Power intake, W 40 40
Device dimensional specifications, mm (Height\ Width\ Depth) 560/350/106 560/350/106
Mass, no more than, kg 13,3 14,5