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Warranty period for steel gas boilers is not more than 30 months as from the sale date of equipment. Beginning the 14th month of service, warranty is valid having the mark on passing service maintenance in the Quality Warranty Card. Regular service maintenance is done on customer’s account or included into maintenance service contract value.

Unless otherwise agreed in relevant documents, warranty period is considered to start from the date of equipment manufacturing.

Warranty period for parts and components having been changed after expiration of the equipment warranty is 12 months. As a result of repair process or change of parts and components, the warranty period for all equipment does not change.


Warranty covers only put into operation (initial run) specified by a service company licensed according to the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. 

Business enterprise provides service company coordinates to ultimate users. Service company can enter into the business enterprise.

The ultimate user is to have the documents confirming put into operation, boiler installation voucher filled in. The above mentioned document is to specify the following:

1) Installation date

2) Installation address

3) Service company name

4) Installer’s name

5) Who adjusted and set the boiler up

6) The date of gas-in

7) Who performed the gas-in and conducted instruction

8) Signature and last name of the person who filled the voucher in

9) Subscriber's signature

10) Stamp of the company.

After the put into operation the user is to apply to the business enterprise to fill in a warranty card.

The above mentioned document should specify the following:

1) Card number

2) Production serial number

3) Boiler model

4) Selling firm

5) Sale date

6) Owner’s name and his address

7) The store stamp.


When malfunction during the warranty period, warranty work is performed by the company which is a warranty service center (unless otherwise agreed in the guarantee arrangement).. Lemax provides cost indemnity of broken-down boiler components under the warranty. To get the cost indemnity of a broken-down component, the service company should provide broken-down components along with  the report form for partial repair filled in satisfactory format. Spare parts are purchased by selling firms or service companies with authorized dealers or Lemax factory.



To strengthen the company image service companies can enter into service maintenance contracts and therefore, turn to be Lemax authorized service centers.

Lemax authorized service centers are the companies authorized to execute the initial run and service maintenance of Lemax equipment and contract the following supplemental liabilities:

- execute the initial run and further servicing and warranty maintenance of any Lemax equipment having been purchased with any other commercial organization or installed by another company;

- sell Lemax spare parts to all the requesters.

Lemax service companies are entitled to extend the warranty period upon consultation with Lemax representative office. Lemax pays travelling cost and cost of works (as per contract) during warranty repair in addition to the indemnity for the spares. The indemnity under the warranty is made with direct payments by Lemax.

Lemax authorized service centers requirements.

1) Proper warehouse for Lemax boiler spares (with the amount not less than 15000 rub.).

2) Training on Lemax boilers. Employees with professional backgrounds.

3) Possession of required licences for gas boiler maintenance.

4) Legal form. (IE (individual entrepreneur), ООО (Limited liability company))


On regular basis Lemax representative office holds technical seminar on Lemax products. The seminars are oriented to technical experts и employees of commercial organizations.

The seminars are hod:

- in Lemax classroom in Taganrog (as a rule they are one-day or two-day);

- in other Russian cities by agreement with commercial and service organizations (normal duration – 2 days).

At the request of service and commercial organizations Lemax provides necessary engineering documentation n hard copy and electronic format (CD).