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September 20, President of “SIT GROUP” Concern, Italy - Mr. Federico de Stefani handed over 1 000 000th gas valve to Lemax.

“LEMAX” Company produces and delivers on the market single-circuit solid fuel boilers with a capacity of 12.5; 16 and 20 kW under the “Forward” trade mark. Open type grate stoker. The main fuel for these type of boilers is coal (lignite, coal, coke), wood can be used as additional fuel. Coefficient of efficiency of coal – fired boilers is not less than 75-80%.


On the 5th of November «Lemax» Company - the largest domestic gas boilers producer in Russia - started a project on steel panel radiators production.

At present, the Russian producer of household gas boilers “Lemax” has completed tests of a new condensation boiler. The testing program was implemented in leading laboratories of manufacturers of energy-efficient solutions in Italy. The new boiler is equipped with “Premix” gas-air mixture burner with a modulation depth of 1:10 and a new highly efficient “Circond” stainless steel heat exchanger, which makes it one of the best representatives in this segment.


«Taganrogskaya Pravda», 2011

Most of us (thanks to either fantasy writers or English frame-breakers, Luddites, protested against technical progress in the early 19th century) are suspicious of robots. And how wrong we are!